Frequently Asked Questions

What is the service?

Bioscope (beta) –is a video streaming platform that will allow the viewers to enjoy unlimited Live TV and Video on demand contents. There is a specific website for this service. There will be mobile app for this service in future.

How to enjoy the service?

Anyone can go to and enjoy the contents.

Who are eligible for the service?

Anyone who has an active internet connection can browse the site.

Is it free to watch videos on Bioscope?

During the beta phase all the video on Bioscope are completely free to watch!

Is it legal to watch videos on Bongo?

Yes it is! Stellar Digital Ltd. who is the content partner for this website has obtained all the Copyright and Distribution rights for all the contents available in

Can I watch videos on my mobile phone?

Yes you can!

How many videos are on Bioscope?

Our collection has over 15,000 videos at the moment.

How can I enjoy the EPG (Electronic Program Guide) of Live TV?

Just check the EPG list besides the player when a particular channel is playing.

How accurate the EPG are?

EPG comes from a 3rd party (Gracenote ltd.). We do not have any control over the accuracy of the EPG information.

Why the video is not playing?

Please check your internet connection.

Where do I place comments/ queries?

Please mail your comment/ query to